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Frequently Asked Questions

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You must follow a calorie surplus diet in addition to taking EatUP Original. To see transformations you must eat UP!

Yes, EatUP Original works. We highly recommended following a high calorie meal plan in addition to working out 3-5 days a week. Although working out is not required, it is recommended to gain weight with as little fat as possible and improved overall results.

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Most people see results in 8-10 weeks of consistently using EatUP Original, some may see results as fast as 30 days; This may vary as everyone is different.

Our company policy is that all orders must be paid for and shipped to the same person paying for the order. We do not allow for someone to use another persons payment info and then ship the order to someone else's address. We do not allow for someone to place an order from another country and have it shipped to address in the US. We reserve the right to cancel any order that is found to be outside of our company policies.

We recommend that you speak with your healthcare provider prior to taking any supplements.

Yes EatUP Original was designed to be paired. We suggest starting with all supplements recommended in the quiz.

EatUP Original" provides a subscription service. By subscribing to our service, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service. Your membership will automatically renew on a recurring basis at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the subscription products, including applicable shipping and handling fees until you cancel your membership. You may cancel your membership at any time by logging in to your account, selecting Subscriptions, then click cancel next to the item. By clicking “Place Order,” you accept our Terms & Conditions and that you will be enrolled in a 3-month plan, which defaults to an auto-ship program until you cancel. You can modify your product selection prior to any shipment. There is no membership fee. Your monthly charge depends on the products in your reoccurring order and you will receive a reminder 3 days prior to any shipment. You can Skip or Cancel deliveries at anytime matching your needs.

 Take the Lifestyle quiz to find out which supplements will work best for you.

Our products are designed to help assist you with your journey along the way. You MUST follow a proper calorie diet of at least 3,000 to 5,000 calories per day. If you are working out we suggest not to burn all of your daily calories in the gym, if you are working out you should consume more calories. The average human body burns about 2,000 calories per day doing nothing. It is important that you consume the right amount of calories during the day. This will help you reach your goals and build a good eating habit/relationship with food. 

EatUP helps promote hunger. The goal is to create better eating habits. If you continue those new eating habits after EatUP Original the size should stick.


Shipping within the U.S. takes 2-5 business days after processing

Shipping Internationally takes 5-21 business days after processing

All orders are processed within 5 business days after you have placed your order. 

International Customers are 100% responsible for any fees assessed to them for importing an order from outside of their country. The customer is responsible to pay these fees at the time of delivery.

EatUP Original does not pay for any Customs or Duty Fees. 

Please note that if your International order is returned back to us as undeliverable the shipping fees are non refundable.

Please note that there will be a 30% restocking fee applied to any order that is returned back to us as undeliverable or for not being pickup from the post office if the package.

Once your order/package ships we will send you a notification email with your tracking number.

Please allow up to 72 hours for the United States Post Office to update your tracking info

Booty Gainer Bundle

There are no known unexpected side effects to Booty Gainer Bundle products. All EatUP Original products are non drowsy. 

Curves- Take 2 capsules one a day.

Super Maca Root- Take 1 capsule once a day.

Weight Gain Formula- Take 2 capsules twice a day.

Follow the directions as instructed on each bottle. Take each supplement as if you were taking them individually. Get a free supplement schedule with all E-Books!

30 days.

For most people, in as little as 6-8 weeks, if you’re consistently using all three Booty Gainer supplements. This can vary from person to person, because these are all-natural products. Make SURE you take before and after photos and keep measurements; it’s hard to see slow, gradual changes with just the mirror! In addition to supplements, you must be following a proper high-calorie meal plan and working out regularly for improved overall results.


Yes, however, it will take more time. In addition to a 3-6 month cycle, we suggest stacking supplements recommended from the quiz for improved overall results. 

Yes Curves works. Results vary in terms of how long it takes or how much growth you will experience everyone is different. Our one of a kind system encourages natural curves improvements. 

Simply take 2 capsules per day. 

When taken as directed Curves will last for 30 days.


Simply take 3 teaspoons twice a day. 

Superbody is naturally flavored with Raspberries. There are no artificial colors or flavors used.

13 servings per bottle.

Super Maca Root

Yes, you may open the capsule into your smoothie, yogurt or any preferred liquid.

Everyone is different and it varies case by case. In addition to following a high calorie plan and working out regulary, Super Maca Root may help promote improvements. However, it will take more time. We suggest stacking supplements suggested from the quiz for improved overall results.  

Simply take 1 capsule per day. 

When taken as instructed Super Maca Root will last for 30 days. 

Most see results 6-8 weeks after consistently using Super Maca Root and following a proper high calorie meal plan working out regularly. However, everyone is different, and results vary case by case.


Everyone is different. In addition to following a proper nutrition plan and working out, Gainz may help promote natural improvements. However, it will take more time. We suggest stacking supplements suggested from the quiz for improved overall results. 

Simply take 1 scoop (scooper included) and mix it into your smoothie, shake or 8 ounces of any preferred liquid.

When taken as instructed Gainz has 30 servings. 

Gainz can be blended into your smoothies and protein shakes. 

Mixed with 8 ounces of any liquid you prefer like juice, milk, teas and lattes.

Gainz is unflavored! When blended into smoothies, it goes unnoticed. However, when mixed well into a liquid, it gives a little tasteless texture. Therefore, we highly recommend blending into smoothies and shakes. 

Weight Gain Formula

We recommend taking WGF as is for maximum results. 

However you can open and blend directly into your smoothies or protein shakes.

Simply take 2-3 capsules up to three times per day.

When taken twice a day WGF lasts 30 days.

Everyone is different and it varies case by case. In addition to following a proper high calorie meal plan and working out regularly. within a 3-6 month cycle, Weight Gain Formula may help promote natural improvements. However, it will take more time. We suggest stacking supplements suggested from the weight gain quiz for improved overall results.  


Please note that there is a $10.00 fee to cancel an order (if the customer request the order to be cancelled) the fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Any order placed without a Complete Name (1st & Last Name) will be automatically cancelled. 

Any order with an invalid shipping address may be cancelled at anytime. We will attempt to contact you by email to provide an updated shipping, If we do not receive a response back to that email your order will be cancelled.

Please note that there will be a 30% restocking fee applied to any order that is returned back to us as undeliverable or for not being pickup from your local post office.

Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges on products once they have been shipped & delivered to you. You have agreed to these terms at checkout when clicking the box before paying for your order. If you have any issues with your order/delivery please contact us at so that we may assist you with your concerns.