How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast

how to get a bigger butt fast

How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast? Workout, Food, And Useful Tips

Good posture and ideals are desired by every human, both men and women. Especially for women, the ideal body posture is a priority these days, and this is because every woman wants to look more attractive. This trend of forming a perfect body applies to the whole body, height, weight, breast size, the shape of the buttocks. The buttocks are a collection of muscles that collect, so the size of the buttocks muscles can be shaped as enlarged or reduced.

Efforts in shaping this buttock must go through several processes, such as taking drugs and exercising. A large butt can increase a woman's confidence because she looks more attractive. For that, we need to understand the methods and strategies and how to quickly enlarge the buttocks more effectively. Here are the reviews.

10 Best Exercises To Get Bigger Buttocks

how to get a bigger butt

How to quickly enlarge the buttocks can be done with several sports movements. Here are 10 types of warm-ups that can be done to widen the buttocks:

  1. Squats

Squads are a type of warm-up exercise that targets the lower abs, quads, hamstrings and glutes as part of the body that can be formed. To understand the process, we can do the following steps,

  • Position the body upright, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, look straight ahead and form a chest position pointing upwards with your shoulders slightly arched towards the back.
  • Perform the movement by pushing the hips out, bending the knees, then moving the hands to the chest, and trying to keep the position so that the part of the back and neck is parallel.
  • Keep the knees from extending beyond the toes.
  • Control your breath as you perform the movement, then hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this movement in 3 sessions, holding the position for 10-15 seconds each.

Do this movement repeatedly every day, and this movement will help tighten the muscles of the buttocks and lower thighs.

  1. Barbell Squat

This type of heating is quite commonly done by the public, where this warm-up can help tighten the deltoid muscles and buttocks muscles. The movements that need to be done to do this warm-up are pretty simple, starting from,

  • Use a barbell as a support tool and place it on your shoulders. This can help tighten your shoulder muscles.
  • Align your thighs with the floor, and form a squat position.
  • Make sure your shoulders are pushed back with your chest outward while balancing your body by extending your arms.
  • Do up and down movements to pull the buttock and thigh muscles, then hold for a few seconds.
  • Do this warm-up 12 times by repeating it.


  1. Plie Squat

This warm-up focuses on building the muscles of the buttocks, upper and lower thighs and several other muscles. To make this move, start with,

  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, then position your feet out or sideways.
  • Raise both hands, then bring the palms together.
  • Perform a downward movement with a squat limit for the downward movement.
  • Emphasize the buttocks muscles make them fuller and more muscular.
  • Repeat for 12 movements.

This movement is quite simple, but the strength in pressing the buttock muscles will impact better muscle formation.

  1. Weighted Lunges

The muscle formation resulting from this warm-up movement is quite complex because this movement will have an impact on the calves, stomach and buttocks muscles. Here's how to warm up,

  • Position your body upright and shoulder-width apart, then step your right foot.
  • Lower both knees, then follow with more downward body movements and hold for a few seconds, ensuring your thighs are parallel to the floor of the mat.
  • Perform the movement standing and back, then change the position of the legs in one set.
  • Repeat this movement in 2 sets, left and right.

This warm-up movement is quite heavy for beginners, but it is essential to know that practising it correctly is one quick way to enlarge the buttocks.

  1. Weighted Glute Bridge

The following warm-up is to focus the movement to form the buttocks and thigh muscles. The method of carrying out this movement is,

  • Position the body in a prone position by spreading the legs, then place the weight in the pelvic area.
  • Perform the movement by lifting the pelvis, then continue with the turn-up movement.
  • This movement is more effectively done with 10 repetitions up and down.

This heating requires a tool; if you don't have a tool, you can replace it with an appropriate object and have the proper size.

  1. Single-Leg Bridge

This warm-up focuses on building muscle in the upper thighs, lower thighs and buttocks muscles. In understanding this heating process, the following steps need to be done,

  • Position the body in a supine position with the knees more bent, and position the soles of the feet parallel and flat on the mat.
  • Lift one leg straight up, keeping the other leg bent.
  • Do the movement of raising the hips, hold for a moment, and lower again.
  • Repeat this movement for at least ten repetitions.
  1. Donkey Kicks

Just like other warm-ups, Donkey Kicks also focuses on building the buttocks and thigh muscles, to be able to do this movement, here are some steps that need to be done,

  • Get into a crawling position, placing your elbows under your shoulders.
  • Then move the knee to the right and kick the leg backwards as far as can be reached.
  • Repeat the movement several times. For maximum results, do 12 repetitions.

In some types of warm-up, this movement is strong enough to help build strong muscles, so this movement is quite often used as a quick way to enlarge the buttocks.

  1. Kettlebell Swings

With this warm-up, muscle building includes the shoulder, abdominal, and buttocks muscles. So this heating is often referred to as one of the more complex types. To perform this movement, the following steps are:

  • Use a kettlebell as a support tool for this warm-up movement. Start the movement by holding the device with both hands.
  • Position your feet standing and shoulder-width apart, then move your buttocks out, lowering your upper body but keeping your back straight.
  • Swinging the kettlebell down and up, this movement can further tighten the buttock muscles.
  • Repeat the movement until the body bends for ten repetitions.
  1. Side Lunges

This movement is used often because this warm-up can help build shoulder, waist flexors, thigh, and buttocks muscles. Perform this movement, and it can be done by starting the movement as follows,

  • Position the legs upright and wide open, look straight ahead, and then bend the knees in the direction of the bent leg.
  • After bending the legs, increase the movement by sitting and do it alternately.
  • Repeat the movement slowly and continuously, and keep the body position awake for maximum results.
  • Repeat this movement for up to 10 repetitions.
  1. Scissor Kicks

This warm-up movement can help the development of the thigh, shoulder, abdominal and buttock muscles which are the main focus. To do this movement, here are some steps that need to be done,

  • Position the body in a prone position by extending both hands as far as possible, then facing the palms downwards.
  • Perform the movement by lifting both feet so the feet do not touch the mat.
  • Shape the foot's position towards a 45-degree angle so that the left foot is slightly apart from the mat.
  • Always perform alternating leg movements, and repeat this movement for up to 10 repetitions.

Those are some types of warm-up movements you can do at home; this heating should be done consistently every day so that the results you get are much more leverage. Some of these types of heating are often used as a quick way to increase your butt.

how to make your butt bigger

Foods To Eat To Get A Bigger Butt

In addition to warming up, we can also consume healthy foods as a quick way to raise the buttocks. Of course, the food that must be eaten is food that is rich in beneficial nutrients that help the development of the buttocks muscles more optimally, here are some types of nutrients that can help.

  1. Healthy Fat

The formation of muscle tissue in the buttocks not only requires pure muscle-building nutrients but still needs fat that protects the buttock muscles. For that, we need to consume some nutrients that contain healthy fats, such as olive oil, peanut butter, and seeds.

  1. Micronutrients

As we know, micronutrients are nutritional content consisting of vitamins and minerals, which maintain the body's metabolism and the formation of muscle tissue. Foods containing this nutrition type are fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

  1. Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are a source of energy, where we cannot ignore carbohydrates for dietary reasons, but still in acceptable and balanced use with the warm-up process or activities that are carried out. Foods containing carbohydrates are rice, corn, wheat, and so on.

  1. Protein

The essential nutrient in the process of muscle building is protein. Protein, as vital muscle tissue, is consumed in forming denser buttocks. Types of foods that are rich in protein are eggs, fish, soy and yoghurt.

The four types of nutrients above are essential to consume in building buttock muscles; doing warm-up exercises that are balanced with healthy food is a quick way to enlarge the buttocks.

4 Tips To Make Your Buttocks Look Bigger

Some other tips to make your butt look bigger are as follows,

  1. Add butt pads

To make it look bigger, you can use the help of cushions such as shapewear to make the buttocks look firmer and bigger.

  1. Use supportive clothes

In this case, you can wear clothes that can make the buttocks bigger, including by using short jeans, small waist pants, silk dresses and so on.

  1. Shrink Waist

Focusing the diet on the stomach and waist area can make your butt look bigger because of a tiny waist.

  1. Using butt cream

You can also make your butt look bigger by using a cream that is specially made to make your butt bigger, and you can buy it at various health stores.

Those are some of the best tips you can apply quickly to increase your butt. With just spending a little money, you can make your butt look firmer and more attractive; this will also help increase a woman's confidence.

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