Natural Appetite Stimulant - 9 Ways To Increase Appetite Naturally

Natural Appetite Stimulant

Are you looking for the best natural appetite stimulant? As we know, everyone in the world has their favourite food. It started from instant food to those that must go through several stages before becoming food. Eating is a process that becomes a routine for every human being, and the body will become more energetic and energetic by entering food into the body.

Generally, eating is a process everyone must do; the stomach will directly give the command to eat as a place to store all food. Still, at one time, the feeling of not wanting to eat even though you are hungry. This often happens to everyone, this phenomenon usually occurs. This is called loss of appetite.

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Several causes are factors that make a person lose their appetite. Some doctors also mention several methods that can help the return of appetite, including using herbal medicine and taking medicine it can help stimulate appetite naturally without using harmful chemicals. Before that, it's a good idea to know the cause of this loss of appetite. Here's a description.

What Causes Loss of Appetite?

Appetite is significant to maintain so that the body can receive nutrients daily, but a person also often experiences a loss of appetite. This can be caused by several factors, both internally and externally. The trigger is from outside the body. Here are some causes of loss of appetite:



 6 Causes of Loss of Appetite

6 Causes of Loss of Appetite

  1. Depression
  2. Unstable Hormones
  3. Bad Emotional
  4. Diseases From Outside The Body
  5. Unstable Feeling
  6. Inappropriate Food Selection
  • Depression

Depression is a disorder that occurs in people who feel something that makes them feel uneasy and restless. This feeling is often the cause of the emergence of feelings of no appetite. The self-control of a condition of the heart is one method to eliminate feelings of depression to create an appetite for every human being.
  • Unstable hormones

As with depression, hormonal instability occurs in a person. As we know, hormones are a substance produced in the body, so when this hormone is disturbed, feelings of no appetite will arise.
  • Bad emotional

A human being is very close to the emotional. These emotions can have a positive impact if the feelings generated are also positive. However, if this emotion is in a negative form, it will undoubtedly be very worrying and also cause a loss of appetite.
  • Diseases from outside the body

Diseases of the body can also cause a lack of appetites, such as fever or diarrhoea. These conditions cause a person to experience changes in the body, such as headaches and chills to the tongue that can not feel anything. This situation triggers the occurrence of no appetite for a person because every food entered into the mouth tastes bland and even tends to be bitter.

  • Unstable feeling

Feelings of the heart are closely related to the mood or atmosphere in a person. Outside of disease or the impact of harmful hormones, unstable emotions can occur due to circumstances, just as someone heartbroken will tend to have no appetite.
  • Inappropriate food selection

Food is something that will be entered into the body. In this case, choosing food is a must so as not to trigger the emergence of a disease. Inappropriate food selection can also cause no appetite. Food co

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ntaminated with germs and dirt tends to cause a person to lose his appetite. The tongue, as the sense of taste, will immediately signal the selection of dirty and unclean foods.
Some of the causes above, in general, are often experienced by every human being. Loss of appetite will significantly affect health. Therefore we need to maintain and avoid things that can eliminate appetite.

Some experts say that the treatment of someone who loses his appetite can be done by taking drugs. The drugs consumed vary; some are available at pharmacies, and some can be processed using natural ingredients. Recommendations from some doctors are better to use natural medicines to handle this loss of appetite. Therefore we need to know some ways that can be done to become a natural appetite enhancer drug.


How to Increase Appetite Naturally

Loss of appetite is a disease common to every human being. As we discussed earlier, loss of appetite can be caused by various things, from external diseases to emotional ailments that occur in the body. Some medical experts say that this disease can be treated in various ways, one of which is by consuming herbal medicines that can be a natural appetite enhancer. Herbal medicines in question are natural plants that can be processed traditionally. Of course, getting natural plants is easy to find in various markets and other herbal shops. Here are some herbal plants and natural ways that can be used to increase natural appetite, namely: Maple Syrup, Coriander, Carom Seeds, Fennel tea, Fish oil, Ginger, Herbal vitamins, Spices and yoga to relieve and relax the body.


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9 Home Remedies To Increase Appetite

Here are some ways to increase appetite naturally using herbal remedies and simple ways:

1. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a natural liquid that has many health benefits. Maple comes from the product of a tree called the maple tree. And this tree contains a lot of sap, which is boiled until it thickens. The thickening of this sap has succeeded in becoming one of the syrup-like liquids that we know as Maple Syrup. This syrup contains various nutrients that are useful for the body: iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

The content of these nutrients is helpful for the body, including lowering cholesterol, maintaining brain health, and maintaining endurance.
Brain health and a stable immune system can increase natural appetite, which is treated with herbal and natural remedies for the body.
The steps that need to be taken to be able to use Maple Syrup to increase natural appetite are as follows:

  •     Prepare two spoons of maple syrup, lemon juice, mineral water, and half a spoon of white vinegar.
  •     Prepare mineral water and maple syrup and heat in a saucepan.
  •     Once hot, pour into a container and cool before drinking.
  •     Mix vinegar and lemon juice to make it taste better.
  •     Then drink.

2. Coriander

Generally, coriander is often used for cooking ingredients, but the nutritional content in coriander also really helps the body to be healthier and more awake. Coriander contains several essential nutrients, such as iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and other vital nutrients. Using coriander as a natural appetite-enhancing drug is something that people do. Its helpful content can also overcome food poisoning, lower sugar levels in the body, and overcome digestive disorders.

To be consumed as natural medicine, the following steps need to be done:

  •     Prepare some coriander and mineral water.
  •     Combine the cilantro with mineral water, then blend until blended.
  •     Pour into a glass, and the medicine is ready to drink.

3. Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are a type of Ajwain or Trachyspermum plant made naturally. Generally, Carom is often found in the plains of India. Indian people often use Carom as a cooking ingredient. However, some scientists say that Carom can help fight bacteria and fungi in the body, lower blood pressure, and increase cholesterol levels. Carom has a very bitter taste. Of course, as herbal medicine, Carom is also capable of being a natural appetite enhancer, so consuming carom seeds is an appropriate method of overcoming the loss of appetite.

  •     Prepare some Carom seeds and mineral water.
  •     Mix mineral water with Coram in a blender.
  •     Pour into a glass, and then the medicine is ready to drink.
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4. Fennel Tea

Fennel is a plant with Vitamins A, C, and D. This plant is often used as a cooking ingredient and topical oil such as rubbing oil. Fennel Tea contains potent antioxidants, so it can improve digestion and is suitable for menstruating women. Not only that, the aroma of this tea can calm the mind and restore one's mood so that Fennel tea can restore lost appetite.

  •     Prepare fennel tea leaves, mineral water, and some additional spices such as fenugreek leaves.
  •     After the ingredients are ready, boil all the elements at a stable temperature.
  •     Separate the leaves from the water using a drink strainer.
  •     For a better taste, add a little honey than can be enjoyed.

5. Fish oil

As we know, fish oil is very beneficial for the health of the body. The content of this fish oil consists of omega 3 and fat. Another content of this fish oil is vitamins A and D, which are very useful for the health of the body. Among the benefits of fish oil is that it can restore mental disorders and brain health and can increase appetite naturally. To consume fish oil, we can buy fish oil in the market, of course, with the direction of a doctor.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a type of herbal medicine that is very beneficial for health because it contains carbohydrates, protein, iron and many other medicinal properties in the ginger plant. This plant can also help restore appetite. The fibre and protein content can restore appetite naturally.
Some of the steps that need to be taken to consume ginger as a natural remedy to restore appetite are:

  •     Prepare a few grains of ginger that have been mashed and dried.
  •     Mix with mineral water and stir until evenly distributed
  •     Herbal medicine ready to be consumed

7. Herbal Vitamins

One of the vitamins that can help restore appetite is to consume B vitamins. The content of B vitamins can restore energy lost due to diseases outside the body and some viruses that threaten the body's balance.

Use of these B vitamins can be consumed freely and easily found in the market. Consuming this vitamin is enough to provide water and drink it immediately.

Spices are some natural plants that are often found in the community. This spice can be used as a natural remedy, such as cinnamon, black pepper, and peppermint plants. This spice can be found in traditional markets and other herbal shops. This drug can be utilised by mixing this plant with water or adding a little honey to enrich the taste. This spice is one of the natural appetite enhancers that is good for consumption in everyday life.

8. Yoga and light body stretching.

In addition to using herbal remedies, natural ways to increase appetite can also be done with yoga and light exercise. Moving all the muscles of the body can help restore fitness and generate energy in the body. This is one way that is often used to restore lost appetite.

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9. Medication to Stimulate Appetite

In addition to the use of herbal medicines, some medicines that can restore appetite are some medicines that experts have processed, some types of medications that can stimulate appetite are as follows:

1. Oxandrolone

It is a type of hormone drug that belongs to Anabolic Steroids. This drug can be analogous to hormones in the body, restoring lost body energy and helping increase appetite lost due to fatigue and illnesses such as fever and mild flu.

2. Dronabinol

Dronabinol must be used under a doctor's supervision because this drug is made from synthetic marijuana. This drug can be used as an appetite enhancer because it can restore the body's energy that was lost, especially for people with AIDS.

3. Megestrol Acetate

This drug can also help increase appetite, and doctors generally give this type of drug to patients who experience loss of appetite, especially patients with cancer and HIV.

Several types of these drugs are highly recommended to be consumed as appetite enhancers. Of course, they must be under a doctor's supervision and direction so that the use of these drugs can be maximally successful.

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Tips to Improve Your Appetite

Before consuming herbal or chemical drugs, it is better to maintain an appetite and keep the body healthy. Here are some tips that can be applied in everyday life. These tips help maintain appetite and increase appetite. Here are some suggestions for doing:

  • Maintain a diet, and if you lose your appetite, you must eat 6-8 portions in small amounts.
  • Consumption of nutritious foods and protein value to maintain body balance.
  • Eat foods that contain good calories.
  • Cut down on foods that are low in calories and rich in healthy fibre.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Consume the best food and become a favourite.
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