Maca Root for Weight Gain

maca root for weight gain
Maca Root for Weight Gain: Does It Work?

Gaining weight is one of the processes in which a person with a relatively small body tries to increase body weight to get an ideal body posture. Someone with a balanced weight tends to be more charismatic than those who are thin and small. Increasing weight is also often done by athletes, and they need to balance the body both in terms of height and weight. People with a balanced weight tend to be healthier because their size corresponds to their weight.

maca root weight gain pills

But keep in mind that someone who wants to gain weight needs to do several things, starting from adjusting their diet, doing a doctor's program and choosing to use maca root to gain weight. Maca is one type of plant that is often used in herbal medicine. To find out what Maca is, here's a review.

What is Maca?

Maca is a plant that is often used as herbal medicine. This plant has another name Lepidium Meyenii. This plant is usually found in parts of South America, precisely in the Andes mountains. The roots of this plant have properties that are important for health, including increasing sexual arousal, fertility, easing menopausal symptoms, increasing desire and many other uses. The content of this maca root is in the form of carbohydrates, libido acid, calcium, iron and several vitamins that can keep the body healthy and fresh. The use of maca root to gain weight is also often used by the public in general. The protein content contained in it helps the process of forming a more balanced and ideal body. What is the process of using maca root to gain weight? Here's the review.

maca root weight gain

Is maca root good for weight gain?

In research, maca root has become one of the herbal medicines guaranteeing weight gain. When viewed from the content of this plant, it can help to gain the desired weight. Someone who wants to gain weight certainly needs a lot of calories in the body so that body development can be more pronounced. Calories come from food and drinks that are often consumed, and then the food will turn into calories which are part of the body's metabolic stages. Simply put, someone who wants to gain weight needs to eat more to produce more calories. Based on this process, a person must increase their appetite compared to usual. The content of eating roots can help improve one's appetite by utilizing maca root as a reasonable consumption. Automatically normal appetite will also experience a reasonably high increase so that the body will store more calories. That's the simple basis for using maca root to gain weight.Β 

Other benefits of maca root

Five benefits of maca root
Five benefits of maca root
  1. Able to increase sexual libido

  2. Restore sexual arousal

  3. Reduce stress and depression

  4. Improve memory

  5. Maintain skin health

As explained earlier, maca root is one plant that has many health benefits and keeps the body stable. Besides being able to be used as an appetite enhancer that is automatically able to gain weight, other benefits of this plant are as follows:

  1. Able to increase sexual libido

In one study, maca root increased sexual desire for both women and men. Of course, using this plant must be done regularly. A study noted that consuming maca root processed into a powder of about 1.5 to 3.5 grams daily can optimize its function in increasing sexual desire. Users need to ruin it for approximately six weeks. Then the results can be proven by the user himself. Although this plant is classified as a harmless plant, it still needs to be consumed under the supervision of a doctor and not used excessively, which will impact other diseases due to excessive use.

maca root weight gain pills
  1. Restore sexual arousal

Someone married is undoubtedly very close to the word sexual, but keep in mind that women or men often experience loss of sex drive, which is very natural for every couple, therefore maca root can help restore lost sex drive by consuming it regularly with a regular amount, eating this plant will help restore the lost sex sensation.

  1. Reduce stress and depression

Routines and busyness at work can cause boredom, making you feel restless and uneasy. Work that piles up can also interfere with psychology so that depression and mild stress appear. Maca root is one of the natural herbal remedies that can calm the mind because it contains several vitamins and proteins that can refresh brain function. The utilization of this maca root can be served in tea drinks mixed with maca root powder. This drug has been shown to help reduce excessive stress and depression.

  1. Improve memory

Someone who is too busy and doesn't take care of their health, such as rarely exercising, and often staying up late, can reduce brain function in remembering things. This problem usually occurs in young people and parents who experience memory loss. Maximizing memory can be done by consuming root Maca. This plant's complete nutritional content can restore brain function and keep memory strong and function properly.

  1. Maintain skin health

The skin is the outermost part of the body that will be in direct contact with the sun. As we know, the sun emits UV rays which can cause the skin to darken and wrinkle. Using maca root as a skin cream can also help keep the skin healthy; research also proves that The nutritional content in maca root can protect the skin.

Those are some of the essential benefits of maca root. Doctors and specialists still need to monitor every use of this plant so that later it does not cause harmful side effects.

Safety and side effects

Maca root is a type of plant, meaning that using plants as medicinal ingredients will be safer than using chemical drugs. Therefore, it is okay to use maca root to increase weight.

Using maca root will also cause mild side effects, such as diarrhoea, headaches, and little indigestion. For those who are not used to it, of course, the body needs to adjust to this drug, so the best advice is to take it under the direction of a doctor and experienced specialists.

does maca cause weight gain


Maca root is a herbal plant with various medicinal properties and maintains health. Maca root can be used to gain weight by consuming maca root. Although no specific research related to its function, maca root has been shown to increase appetite, producing calories in the body. Which is one of the essential elements of gaining weight.

The use of maca root can help increase a person's libido to maximize its function, whether served in drinks such as tea or ordinary drinking water.

Maintaining a healthy body and maximizing body functions is one of the goals for everyone. Using maca root to gain weight also needs to be tried so that the body becomes more balanced and ideal.

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