Skip the skinny BBL: Natural ways to enhance your curves

Skip the skinny BBL: Natural ways to enhance your curves


Skip the skinny BBL: Natural ways to enhance your curves

Are you considering a "skinny BBL" surgery to achieve your dream hourglass shape? Think twice before going under the knife. Brazilian butt lifts, even the "skinny" variety, come with serious risks like infection, embolisms, and necrosis - not to mention a hefty price tag. What if we told you that you can get similar curve-enhancing results naturally, without endangering your health or breaking the bank? In this article, we'll show you how to skip the skinny BBL and build your best booty au naturel!

What is a "skinny BBL"?


First, let's break down what a "skinny BBL" actually is. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that involves lip suctioning fat from one area of the body (like the stomach or thighs) and injecting it into the buttocks to create a rounder, fuller shape. A "skinny BBL" is essentially a smaller-scale version of this surgery, where a more modest amount of fat is transferred to the booty. This option is popular among lean patients who don't have much excess fat to harvest.

While a skinny BBL might seem like a less extreme option compared to a full BBL, it still carries many of the same risks, including:

  • Infection at the incision or injection sites
  • Fat embolisms (fat entering the bloodstream and blocking vessels)
  • Skin necrosis (death of skin tissue due to loss of blood supply)
  • Uneven or lumpy results
  • Disappointment if transferred fat doesn't "take" or gets reabsorbed by the body


Maca root: nature's skinny BBL alternative


Maca Root for Weight Gain - Super Maca Root


What if you could get skinny BBL results without subjecting your precious body to such serious risks? Enter maca root - the curved queen's secret weapon. This powerful Peruvian plant is often hailed as "nature's skinny BBL" for its impressive booty (and overall curve) building properties. Maca works by balancing your hormones, revving up your metabolism, and stimulating your appetite, helping you gain weight in all the right places - no lipo or injections required.

We offer a potent, pure Super Maca root supplement that can help kickstart your skinny BBL alternative journey. Packed with body-enhancing nutrients, this superfood is a must for anyone who wants a juicier 🍑 the natural way.


The skinny BBL diet


Weight Wanters Bundle


Eating for a bigger booty is a crucial component of any skinny BBL alternative plan. To build the curves of your dreams, you'll need to create a calorie surplus by consuming more (healthy) food than your body burns each day. But for many naturally slim women, packing on the pounds can be a struggle. That's where our Weight Wanters collection comes in clutch.

From appetite-boosting supplements to protein-packed weight gain powder, we've got everything you need to start adding size to your thighs, hips, and butt. Our best-selling Weight Wanters Bundle features a game-changing eating plan ebook, so you'll know exactly what to put on your plate to support your skinny BBL alternative adventure. Trust us, the only thing getting "lipo-ed" will be your grocery list! 😉


The Booty Gainer Bundle


Butt Enhancement Pills - Booty Gainer Bundle


Ready to take your skinny BBL alternative results to the next level? Enter the holy grail of booty building: our Booty Gainer Bundle. This dynamic trio features a 30-day supply of our best-selling butt enhancement pills, formulated with a potent blend of herbs, vitamins, and plants to help you pack on pounds in all the right places.


Skinny BBL creams and topicals


Butt enhancing cream : Thicc-Boost


Nope, you can't massage your way to a skinny BBL booty - but you CAN support your curve gains with the right topical treatments. Applying a specially-formulated butt enhancement cream is like icing on the 🎂 (or rather, frosting on the 🍑 ) when it comes to rounding out your natural skinny BBL regimen.

Look for products that contain proven plumping ingredients like Adifyline to help expand the fat cells in your booty and hips. You'll also want to keep the skin in this area smooth, supple, and primed for growth with nourishing natural butters and oils. Our luxe Thicc-Boost butt enhancing cream checks all those boxes and then some. Slather it on daily and watch your assets appreciate!


The bottom line on skinny BBLs


Booty Babe Bundle


At the end of the (booty-ful) day, the decision to get a skinny BBL or any other surgical procedure is highly personal. We believe every queen should do what makes her feel most body confident - even if that means getting a little nip/tuck. However, it's important to educate yourself on the very real risks and limitations of a skinny BBL before booking that consult. No shade to the surgically enhanced, but there ARE ways to achieve similar hourglass-amplifying results without going under the knife.

As we've shown you, a combination of booty-building nutrition, supplements, topicals, and a specialized eating and training plan like our Booty Gainer Bundle can work wonders for your curves over time. It might take a little longer than a skinny BBL, but the tradeoff is peace of mind and a fuller, thicker, 100% natural 🍑 that will last a lifetime. If you want to go all in, our Booty Babe Bundle contains everything you need to start your natural skinny BBL journey.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But if you do decide to take the natural route, know that Eat Up Original will be here to support you every step (or squat) of the way. We're in your corner and we can't wait to watch you transform into the ultimate curve queen - no scalpels or skinny BBLs required. 🙌

Now let's get those gains, baby! Your dream derriere is waiting.

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