Curvy Body Goals

Curvy Body Goals

How to get killer curvy body goals? Having a curvy body is one goal that is often a priority for most people. Especially women tend to expect a curvy body to be more attractive and confident.

Someone who desires a curvy body cannot be separated from the various role models they often follow, such as artists and public figures who have ideal bodies, giving most people hope like their idols.

Not only does attracting attention and self-confidence, but the purpose of a curvy body can also make a person healthier and fit. It is also based on the fact that someone who tries to shape his body creates healthier and cleaner habits.

Get good body curves. There are several ways you can do and follow to get the best results, so let's understand the following steps.

5 Steps To Make A Curvy Body Naturally

5 Steps To Make A Curvy Body Naturally

  1. Reduce Waist with 5 simple Exercises
  2. Build your Upper Body with 3 types of Exercises
  3. Build Your Lower Body With 5 Types of Exercises.
  4. Consumption of useful foods
  5. Focused and Consistent

If you want to have a beautiful body, then there are five steps you can apply to get it, here are the five steps:

Step 1: Reduce Waist with 5 simple Exercises

Someone with a tiny waist size generally owns the ideal body, you can get a perfect body if you reduce your waist and your breasts and hips are balanced. So to get it, there are five simple exercises that you can follow.
  • 1. Crunches Leg-Up 
  • You can apply this exercise in the following steps:

    • Lie down, lift your legs, and ensure the position is straight up.
    • Move your hands, then touch your toes as much as you can, don't force it. Try it slowly.
    • Keep the movement and repeat several times, resting when you feel tired.
  • 2. Crunches Bicycle 

  • Follow these steps to perform this type of exercise:

    • Lie down and keep your back straight.
    • Place your hands behind your head, and lift the head slightly so it doesn't touch the base.
    • Lift your feet, and don't touch the floor.
    • Slowly move your feet forward as if you were pedaling a bicycle.
    • Keep your head and hands from touching the floor.
  • 3. Ankle Touches

  • To do this, follow these steps:

    • Still in a lying position with your legs bent and your knees parallel.
    • Swing your arms left and right to touch your ankles, and keep your head off the floor.
    • Do the movement slowly and not in a hurry.
  • 4. Leg Lift

  • You can start with the following steps:

    • Supine position with your legs raised and straight up.
    • Keep your palms flat.
    • Once your legs are straight up, lower them slowly and don't touch the floor.
    • This movement will be heavy if you do it not carefully. With the right moves, you make your stomach feel like being pulled.
  • 5. Climbers Mountain 

  • Follow these steps to do this exercise:

    • Get into a crawling position with your hands.
    • Then straighten both legs and move slowly.
    • The movement is like running, where your knees will touch your stomach.
    • Do it slowly, and don't rush.

    You can practice five ways to have smaller waist every day. With a smaller waist, eat a more shaped and beautifully curved body. Perform these movements regularly every day for more satisfying results.

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    Step 2: Build your Upper Body with 3 types of Exercises

    You can also get a curvy body when you have an ideal upper body, such as breasts, shoulders and back. You can get it by doing regular exercises at home; you can use three activities to shape the body.

  • 1. Dips Tricep 

  • Follow these steps to do this exercise:

    • Take advantage the fringe of your house that is as high as your calf or knee, such as a small table and or chair.
    • Turn your back on the fringe and put your hands together.
    • Make sure the object is strong, and lift your whole body floating. And the only thing holding the body up is the hands.
    • Hold for a few seconds and lower if you feel tired.
    • Since this is quite heavy, do it slowly and carefully.

    2. Push-ups

    This movement may be very familiar to you, but for those who don't know, here are the steps you need to take to follow this exercise:

    • Position the body on your back, but both hands support your body.
    • The position of the legs is straight and parallel.
    • Then slowly your body with both arms bent, and make sure your chest does not touch the floor.
    • Do up and down movements as much as you can.
  • 3. Shoulder Pressing Movement

  • For this exercise movement, you need tools or dumbbells to help the movement and maximum results, then follow these steps:

    • Hold the tool in your left and right hands.
    • Position your body standing with your legs slightly apart.
    • Lift the object in your hand and lower it in a wide direction.
    • This means you lower your hands with a wide position after being lifted.
    • Do this movement repeatedly.

    These three ways can help you shape your upper body, do this exercise regularly so that the results you get are also more leverage.

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    Step 3: Build Your Lower Body With 5 Types of Exercises.

    If previously we discussed the shape of the upper body, then you can also shape the curves by training and tightening the upper muscles. Some types of exercises that you can do are as follows:

  • 1. Leg Raises while Side-Lying 
  • Make a side sleeping position with your hands supporting your head.
  • Your feet should be parallel, and your hands should still support your body.
  • Then lift your leg as hard as possible, and do the movement a few times before switching to the other leg.
  • 2. Lunges of weighted 
    • Use assistive devices such as dumbbells to help with your movement.
    • After you hold the tool, make a squat position with one of your legs behind and straight with the hips.
    • Step on one of your feet and alternate movements slowly and unhurriedly.
  • 3. Ankle Lift With Plie Squat 
    • Make a standing body position by bending both legs, like forming a horse in self-defense but open as wide as you can.
    • Then place your hands on your thighs to support your body.
    • The position of the feet attached to the floor is only the tips of the feet, like the movement of the feet in ballet dance.
    • Focus your weight on the hip area, hold for a few seconds, and then repeat.
    • Watch your breath to keep it steady.
  • 4. Squats 
  • Get into a squat position with your hands intertwined.
  • Then your body down while legs and hips are supporting.
  • Do this movement repeatedly for maximum results.
  • 5. Donkey kicks movement 
    • Position your body like a push-up movement, with your palms supporting your body.
    • Move one of your feet until the sole faces up, and hold for a few seconds.
    • Perform the movement alternately with the right and left leg.

    Those are five simple exercises that you can certainly do at home every day, maximize your movements and avoid movement mistakes so that you can achieve the desired body curve.

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    Step 4: Consumption of useful foods

    In addition to maximizing exercise movements in the body, you also need to consume healthier and more valuable foods. In this case, functional foods can be interpreted as foods containing essential nutrients for muscle formation.

    One of them is foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats to help the development of muscle mass and muscle formation in your body, making the consumption of drinks such as milk or foods such as fish and eggs a daily consumption during the process of training your body curves.

    Step 5: Focused and Consistent

    Every great desire must, of course, be based on a solid wall. In the determination, of course, focus and consistency is the primary key to the success of every process you do. So stay focused in training and do all the stages consistently, the maximum results you will get after that.

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