Supplements for Weight Gain

Supplements for Weight Gain

As humans, we have an instinct that leads us to follow a change for the better version of us. When we see someone with an ideal and proportional body, we are also interested in having a body like that. So the question is, what is the best supplement for weight gain to achieve that?

Having an ideal body can certainly increase self-confidence and also tend to have a healthy body. Someone with a fat body will try to lose weight to look more ideal.

Like someone with a thin body, they will try to look better by making their body more ideal and attractive. The way that is often done is to use supplements as a weight gainer.

Consuming supplements can help you get an ideal body, where each supplement contains nutrients that play a role in building denser muscles. Those who want to gain weight can consume various supplements that exist and sell legally. Before we discuss types of supplements that can help weight growth, it helps us explore the best way to gain weight.

What is the best way to gain weight?

If you ask, what is the best way to gain weight? So the best recommendation is to take supplements to support mass muscle growth. Is that enough? Of course, it's not enough to take supplements, you need to develop and maximize them by regularly exercising or working out to maximize the process.

On this occasion, we will know what supplements can help us gain weight. Let's discuss them in full.

12 Best Supplements to Gain Weight

12 Best Supplements to Gain Weight

There are many types of supplements that you can take to help gain weight, and weight gain supplements contain essential nutrients that also play a role in muscle building.

As we know, someone who wants to gain weight must increase muscle mass and produce healthy fats and calories. In other words, you have to increase your caloric intake to make fat which is aided by protein development, the combination and cooperation of these nutrients will turn into muscle in your body.

These weight gain supplements also have their respective groups, such as the type of protein that comes from processed food from certain animals or plants, and some are presented in the form of vitamins which also have the same content.

To better understand it, here are the supplements you can consume to increase your weight.

1. Krill Oil

Krill is a type of animal of one species in Antarctica which is then extracted into processed oil and used in the form of healthy food oil. If you take supplements containing krill oil, it will be beneficial for your body because it has good calories to maintain and help build. In addition, krill oil is also believed to be able to maintain a person's immune system because it contains antioxidants that are good for the body.

2. Creatine

Simply put, creatine is a type of organic acid found in various types of vertebrate animals, the nutrients in supplements containing creatine are believed to be useful for energy formation and can store energy in the body that will come out when the body starts to run out of energy. In addition, creatine is beneficial for restoring stamina and maintaining the body's metabolism.

3. Dextrose monohydrate or fast carb supplements

Athletes often use dextrose contained in weight gain supplements as a routine consumption during their activities. As a good nutrient for the body, dextrose is also an instant carbohydrate functionally. You can take supplements with this content to restore and increase carbohydrate intake directly.

4. Weight gainers

Generally, these supplements have nutrients that can help stimulate appetite and also have high carbohydrates, so by consuming them, you can maintain carbohydrate intake and increase the number of carbohydrates that will produce calories for muscle growth. This supplement is proven to make you not need other carbohydrates because it has been successfully replaced by the nutrients and carbohydrates in this supplement.

5. Waxy Corn Supplement

In the body, we have several saturated muscles that do not play a role and interfere with the growth of new muscle mass. By taking this supplement, you can destroy that part so that the growth of new muscle mass is easier to feel. This supplement also helps eliminate nausea when you are sick. Do the exercises.

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6. Herbal weight gainers


Consuming herbal medicine is also the best choice you can make. You can buy various herbal plants at various health stores, which will be later helpful for increasing your appetite and helping your muscle mass growth. Using herbal medicine as a weight gain supplement tends to be more effective because it does not have a mixture with other chemicals, so that you can get maximum results in the process.

7. Branched-chain amino acids

Amino acid intake is a type of nutrient that forms healthy fats in the body. By increasing the productivity of fat in the body, it will be easier for you to gain weight, and then you can tighten the fat through regular exercise. But remember that excessive use of amino acids is also dangerous, so you should consult a doctor about its use.

8. Fish oil

As we know, that fish oil is rich in Omega-3, and this nutrient is also essential in the formation and production of healthy fats in your body. Then this supplement is highly recommended for you.

9. Protein supplements

In addition to fat, protein also has a major role in the formation of muscle mass, and you can also consume a variety of protein-rich foods such as eggs and milk to produce sufficient protein. However, this protein supplement has also been shown to be effective in increasing productivity and maintaining a balance of protein intake in your body.

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In addition to the several types of supplements above, you can also use vitamin products that have been packaged in various kinds. Three types of vitamins that will be useful for your weight gain process are:

10. Vitamin D supplements

The use of vitamin D is believed to control and protect your body in the process of gaining appropriate weight, and some experts say that supplementing with Vitamin D is also suitable for the growth and development of mass in your bones and muscle tissue.

11. Vitamin B supplements

It is believed to increase your appetite. By increasing your appetite, your body will store more calorie intake, which is suitable for weight gain. Besides that, vitamins can also increase energy and help the body's metabolism.

12. Vitamin A supplements

Generally, Vitamin A is consumed to maintain eye health, but this type of supplement with Vitamin A can also maintain endurance and help blood flow to stay healthy and fit. With a healthy and fit body, you can increase the time to exercise. Exercise and increase appetite, which is good for your weight growth.

You can use several types of supplements as a reference for consumption in forming and gaining weight. Weight gain supplements are proven to increase appetite so that calories in the body also increase. Balance it by doing regular exercise for maximum results.

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